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Earth-sheltered House Plans

Wednesday 23 May 2012, by Owen Geiger

Earth-sheltered houses is one of the most popular topics on our Natural Building Blog. New readers may not be aware of my sustainable house plans that have been designed for earthbags, straw bales, cordwood and other materials. There are now around 130 plans, including numerous earth-sheltered designs. Most plans are only $200-$300 and include a scaled floorplan, two elevations, section or wall detail drawing, perspective drawing and building details doc that summarizes the basic building process. All orders now include a free copy of my Earthbag Building Guide. Custom plans are usually only slightly higher cost. Just email me for a free fixed quote: strawhouses [AT] yahoo.com Image source: Spiral Dome Magic 2 Image source: Spiral Earthbag House Image source: Arc House Image source: Triple Roundhouse Cluster More sustainable house designs at Earthbag House Plans (same plans can usually be used for strawbale, adobe, stone, cordwood, etc.) Plans can be...

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