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Escuela de Energia Solar

Sunday 8 January 2012, by Owen Geiger

Casi Terminado School built by Escuela de Energia Solar in Mexico

Casi Terminado School built by Escuela de Energia Solar in Mexico

Escuela de energía solar (EES) is an independent solar energy school to provide solar energy education oriented to Spanish speaking people. Our mission in EES is to teach and train people with basic school background or more to design, install and maintain solar energy systems and other renewable energy technologies. We also train in the usage of natural construction materials for economic home building.

We also seek in the long term, that ecology teaching becomes an integral part of children education, and give this ecology education no less importance than English or computers, in a way that future generations can stop damaging the earth.

Activities vary, but most likely you would be helping us in the following activities :
1. Workshop logistics
2. Help in building facilities that we are developing using natural building techniques like straw bale and earth bags
3. Pine tree planting
4. Daily work span is for 5 hours

Source: Escuela de Energia Solar
Spanish version: Escuela de Energia Solar


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