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Straight Versus Zigzagging Barbed Wire

lundi 16 août 2010, par Owen Geiger

Do not zigzag barbed wire between courses of bags, because this will lessen its tensile strength. A load (stress) on the structure, such as a hurricane, earthquake or differential settling, would tend to pull the structure apart as the slack is taken out of the wire. Zigzagging the barbed wire would provide more attachment points, which at first glance seems like a stronger solution, however, you would lose some of the tensile strength that way. The recommended practice is to place barbed wire in concentric rings on domes and roundhouses and in straight, parallel lines on rectilinear designs, usually two strands of 4-point barbed wire per course.

Correct: Two parallel strands of barbed wire

Correct : Two parallel strands of barbed wire

Incorrect: Zigzagged barbed wire

Incorrect : Zigzagged barbed wire


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